Our Team

337 MEDIA is a full-service DIGITAL MARKETING AGENCY that specializes in Lead Generation and Business Development. Knowing that a brand’s advertising is only as good as the revenue it generates, we make your advertising budget work for you–and teach you a few tips along the way.

This is Eric Smith's card. Their email is eric@337media.com. Their phone number is +1 337 412 0574.

Eric has been an entrepreneur for most of his life and has been in business for nearly 25 years. He has a degree in Architecture and Design from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette and has always had an interest in the creative aspect of business: Marketing. Eric brings experience in a variety of areas including retail stores, product development, business start-ups, architectural services, real estate and property management

Kari has been a driving force and strong supporter of many ventures her husband has been a part of. Her ideas, intuition and attention to detail play a positive roll in the day to day business. Kari enjoys photography and has a very creative eye. She loves volunteering and works part time with Christ Church Academy as the Parent Teacher Fellowship Coordinator.

Dine, is our dedicated assistant with a passion for excellence and a wealth of experience. With over five years of expertise in serving our clients, Dine is a proficient, self-motivated professional known for her exceptional skills. Dine excels in graphic design, web development and is adept at executing on complex digital marketing strategies. We trust Dine with a multitude of tasks and they are always handled with efficiency, professionalism, and excellent communication. You are the best Dine!