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Social Media - Going Mobile

3 Way to Make Your Social Media Marketing Quick and Painless.

Believe it or not, technology has made our lives easier. It’s hard to see that sometimes as you try to pry your phone from your hand at 1AM, but going mobile and social has actually made marketing your brand more efficient. Managing multiple social media accounts means dividing your time, and for a small business owner– time is money. But there are ways to make every post count without being constantly glued to your screen.

Going mobile and social has actually made marekting your brand more efficient.

Go Mobile

This may seem obvious, but the amount of business owners who only post/monitor from their desk or laptops is staggering. You can do everything to manage your accounts from your smartphone or pad. Some platforms, like Instagram, actually want you to use your smartphone; their platform is not cut-out for laptop activity. Take your social media with you, share and monitor from the world around you. Depending on your business, getting out into the world could greatly improve your social media content. For example, if meeting with customers on-site is an option you offer, show your technician in action. “We come to you” is best illustrated in pictures and success stories.

Use Tools

The web is filled with tools to make your social media life easier. Hootsuite, Social Oomph, SocialFlow, and TweetDeck just to name a few. Explore these tools; learn how to use them effectively, they can help you organize and make time for all of the other demands of your business.


Practice really does make perfect. Social media, when done right, can be an art. It takes time to become an artist. Practice, post often, find your audience and what works best to reach them. Don’t just post once a week and leave it there; dig in and get it right. Try to enjoy the interaction, the creativity, and make it fun. The more often you want to post and share, the more often you will. Chances are if you are enjoying your content, so is your audience.

Make no mistake, your company’s social media accounts are just as important as payroll or accounts receivable; they deserve time and a professional touch. If you still find yourself lost when it comes to making that social connection, consider outsourcing your accounts to 337 Media, we’ll make your business shine!

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