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337 magazine is a lifestyle publication that scrapbooks the best our region has to offer. Turn the pages or follow online for a bit of the many things we come across in our daily lives: spirited people, delicious food, style trends, high impact sports, world-class art, rockin’ music and more.

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Louisiana Hemp Magazine was born from the idea that a product which has such great potential should have a state-based hub publication where information can be shared in a productive, explanatory and entertaining way.

We believe hemp to be a commodity that can improve the quality of life of individuals, offer jobs for farmers, income to

Louisiana residents, and be an opportunity for entrepreneurs by cultivating a plant that has tremendous promise.

We want to be a space where you can read real stories about real people, obtain information on hemp trends, cultivation,

extraction and infusion techniques, and find consulting and networking opportunities which can benefit all Louisianians who simply want to live life with hemp being a part of it.

We consider our state to finally be moving in the right direction when it comes to hemp, and we’d like to thank all of the

lawmakers, businesspeople, advocates and individuals who worked toward making Louisiana hemp cultivation a reality.

As a resource for consumers, business owners, farmers, growers, and advertisers alike, we look forward to being a publication

where we can all work collectively to bring the benefits of hemp to light throughout our state.