5 Marketing Tasks You Should Outsource Today


Marketing tasks that slow down your productivity.

You might not think twice about outsourcing your payroll, HR, and even scheduling duties, but your image? That’s hard to let go. However, very few people have the broad range of expertise to tick every marketing box You need a team. Marketing, graphics, writing, research, can you really cover it all without letting the day-to-day operations slip? Here are a few marketing tasks you should consider outsourcing today.

1. Content Marketing

Content marketing is the use of easy-to-digest content that is designed to educate your target audience without being too “salesy.” The objective is to generate leads, but content also nurtures the relationships you have with those leads to improve your chances of closing a sale. These include things like tips, blogs (more on writing later), info graphics and more.

2. Writing

This is one of those skills that’s only noticeable if you’re terrible at it. Good, information driven writing should be covert. Your audience should never notice! Think about this, your social media accounts, website, blog, press releases and more all require writing. Plus, everything associated with your brand needs a clear and recognizable voice. If you don’t have time for that, don’t worry! Freelance writers are available and many public relations and marketing firms also provide these services.

3. Graphic Design

From your logo to letterhead to social media graphics, there will be many times your business will need a design scheme. This is a marketing task that is best left to a professional graphic designer. Outsourcing your “look” lets you focus on day to day business operations.

4. Creating Visual Content

Visual content marketing is essential in today’s marketing world. Clear, eye-catching graphics take serious time to create. A single Twitter image could take up to thirty minutes. Outsourcing the project takes less time and effort, and it costs less than completing the task personally. A skilled designer can improve the quality and quantity of your visual content and take your marketing to the next level.

5. Social Media

Some small business owners usually think this aspect of their marketing can run on auto-pilot. Social media is treated as an after-thought in many cases and oversimplified in others. However, stop to consider– the largest marketing platform small business owners have to work with is—social media. It reaches a wide range of potential clients and customers; businesses should be putting their best foot forward. While it should stay a collaborative effort, the basics are better left to a professional.

Outsourcing is often one of the most challenging things for a small business owner to do. At the same time, it’s one of the most critical. Remember, hiring others to do work for you is the mark of a successful and growing leader.