How to Choose the Best Keywords for Your Blog and Website

How to Choose the Best Keywords for Your Blog and Website

These Tactics Will Help You Pick the Best Keywords for Your Content

It’s seemingly simple, but frustratingly tricky: choosing the best keywords for your content. First let’s look at why keywords are so important.

Keywords and SEO

Well, in order for people to find you online, your content must be optimized for search. All of your content, not just website copy. Your blog, press releases, articles and even social media posts should be optimized to some degree. That means initiating a real Search Engine Optimization (SEO) plan and taking time to understand the SEO process.

SEO is the process of inserting the best keywords into your site so that search engines like Google can rank you higher. The point is to make your website easier to find based on the search requirements.

There is a real art to choosing the best keywords. Let’s look at the tactics one by one.

Phrase Focus

Lots of time keywords the key.  Not just one word but an entire phrase.  Think about how you search the web.  You rarely type “restaurants” you type “Mexican Restaurant” or “Thai Food.”  So, if you are focusing on just one word, you are losing out.  

  • You’ll want to keep the phrase to 3 words max 
  • Make sure it’s something people will actually type or voice search 
  • Don’t make the phrase more complicated than it has to be

Inside Baseball

Remember, you are probably way more familiar with your business and industry than even your most savvy consumer.  Don’t focus on keywords that they may not know are care about.  It sounds like common sense but it can be hard to get out of your own bubble.

For example: if you sell healthy cat food individual ingredients are probably not your best keywords.  So, nothing like “rice” or “salmon” instead focus on “organic cat food” or “healthy food for cats” or “hormone free cat food.”  Words and phrases that are common are more likely to be searched.

Repeat Repeat Repeat 

When it comes to using the best keywords and phrases in your copy, repetition is a valuable use of your time.  Now obviously, the copy still needs to be easy to read, engaging and contextual so that means you have to pick a phrase that can be repeated multiple times while still looking somewhat natural.


When repeating keywords in your copy consider using sections to keep the reader engaged and make good use of SEO rankings.  For example, use a keyword that can be utilized in the title, subtitle, body, comparison section, review section and so on. For a website, the word can be used on multiple pages and in multiple ways.

Let’s say you’re in the business of fixing computers. So “computer repair” is a natural phrase that could appear over and over again in multiple ways.  Also “broken laptop” is another one that could be integrated but the “title of your business” would be a bad choice.

Serious Business

When you take your keyword choices more seriously, you take your writing more seriously. By writing original, quality content, you’ll demonstrate expertise, and gain rankings in the search engine.

Choosing the best keywords is an opportunity to take control of your online reputation. Take the time to deliver genuine and honest content that boosts your rankings and helps consumers find just what they are looking for. (Hopefully your company.)

If all of these seems a bit overwhelming, don’t worry, there is help out there. 337 Media has professional writers and researchers that can help craft your content, complete with the right keywords and Search Engine Optimization.