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Tips and Tricks to Get Your Website Working for You

Is your website accomplishing what it was set out to do, bring in more business? It may be time to assess your efforts. With all the dollars spent on pay-per-click advertising (PPC) and search engine optimization efforts (SEO), it is easy to forget that the single largest factor that determines the success of your online marketing efforts is the effectiveness of your website.

Here are 5 things you can change about your website today.

1. Mobile, Mobile, Mobile

Over half of your web traffic, if not more, is mobile. That means small screens or tablets. If your site hasn’t been updated in the last 6 years, or it wasn’t a consideration, this is a real problem. If the text is too small to read or users have to pinch and zoom excessively to make their away around the website, they won’t stay long. Potential clients may just hop back on Google and search for an easier experience.

2. The Buttons

Avoid buttons that ask too much. Most people opt for buttons that say things like: “Submit,” “Next,” and “Get Started.” Those are simple, easy, and don’t ask too much of a commitment for the user.

3. Headline on the Page

Often, companies don’t understand what truly motivates their potential customers. In general, winning headlines are short, snappy and tell the story along with a value proposition.

You also want to make sure that users’ eyes are drawn to the page headline as the first thing they see. To make sure you’re getting readers’ attention, ask your friends to check out the page and tell you what they see first–and if it’s not the headline, redesign the page until it is.

In general, avoid the trap of being too creative. Marketing taglines that make snazzy brand advertising rarely have a place in a successful landing page.

4. Connections

Gone are the days when you could just have a website, now your online business must live on social media. Is your website easy to find on your company Facebook page, Twitter, and Instagram? It needs to be. Chances are your clients are starting on social media when they start to research your business.

5. Quick and Easy

When you’re trying to explain key selling points, avoid paragraphs and focus on bullet points–even if they seem bland to your inner writer.

Have four to six bullets, all short and digestible, and try to avoid wrapping lines. Always avoid the throwaway “And much more …” bullet.

If you can make even one of two of these changes your website will be a better experience for the user. If you need more tips or perhaps a new redesign, contact 337 Media for a consultation.